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The upcoming of the First birthday!

Binky is growing too fast. This little munchkin is already ten months old. He is crawling, walking while holding on to things, and eats all by his self. It's true that time fly when you have children.

Speaking of eating all by his self, Binky has discovered that he LOVES corn dogs. He will just about eat an entire corn dog. It's so cute, today I even gave him half of one not cut up. The cute little guy went to town on it. And carried it around for a while.

This April Binky turns one, ONE whole year! I don't know if I'll be able to function, but I'm trying my hardest to push through the emotions of it all. I'm planning a HUGE party for the little rascal. I'm definitely doing the batman theme, what else for the rotten kid?!

I'm still in search for a place, and a few ideas. Any one have any idea's? what did you guys do on your kids first birthday?

I'm thinking of making a pizza and shaping the crust like the bat symbol. Then doing his cake layered…
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Binky's first Daycare experience.

Having an infant who can crawl, almost walk, and who has developed an attitude like no other is tiring. After I had Binky and was still breastfeeding I dropped weight like crazy. I even began an exercise regimen and calorie counting. I dropped weight pretty fast, but it wasn't long after that keeping up with the baby, returning to work and finally moving into our own first family apartment got the best of me.

Well thanks to a friend from work I've joined the gym at the YMCA that offers daycare while I work out. I'm totally stoked about it. It was great for my budget and awesome to finally be able to afford to introduce Binky to other children. 

Our first visit to the gym was heart breaking. I was a nervous wreck. My friend, who also has a son a few months older than Binky, and I made our way to the daycare. Where I was screaming and crying on the inside. I had carefully put Binky's name on all his belongings and had tried to mentally psych myself up for the drop off p…

Binky's Christmas,

I know, I know, it's wayyyyy past christmas. I've just been really busy. So after a long night of wrapping gift after gift and a sleepless night, due to excitement completely, it was time to get up!! We had a fun filled day planned, visiting Chandler's Nana and Auntie in Va and then seeing his other Nana, my mom, and my sister and her kids. I got up to shower and such our nephew had slept over and he was up before me of course. After I got out of the shower I had to WAKE the hubs and Binky up!! Those sleepy heads didn't want to get up!!!

After they woke up it was time to rip into presents! It was awesome! He loved everything and wanted to play with everything. This little 8 month old baby got more than he really needed. Santa totally hooked him up. His nana's and auntie's and his grandpa got him so much.

We also baked cookies for Santa and left reindeer food for his reindeer. It was an amazing holiday that I am so excited to share with Binky each year.

In other…

Tribute to Sandy Hook Elementry School in Newtown CT.

I was at work, away from my own angel, when I heard the horrible shocking news. I was standing at the bar when our manager came up behind me and mentioned it on one of the screens. My heart sank immediately. I was devastated, hurt, and in complete shock. I couldn't take a moment to just to watch, I had to keep on with my work and continue on only catching bits and pieces as my day progressed. It wasn't until I got home that I was able to read about all the 26 precious lives that were taken that day.

My heart aches for these parents and families. I cannot imagine a single day without my own precious angel, but to have to live knowing that he will never be home again is terrifying. I actually dreamed later that weekend he was gone, only to wake up in sadness and panic. Luckily my nightmare was just that, a nightmare. For the parents of all these angels and families of the teachers who gave their lives for their students, this was no dream. This was reality. I'm not going to …

The mobile Binky.

It's been an interesting couple weeks. Not only is Binky over his stomach flu he's CRAWLING! This kid is all over the place, and sitting in a jumperoo or exersaucer is a big no no! It's simply not cool or fun enough. This kid is totally fascinated by the fact that he can get where he wants with out any help of mommy and daddy. Oh my goodness, he's picked up this crawling thing so fast, he literally crawls so fast if you look away you're in trouble!

In other news in the "A" house we recently put up our Christmas tree and Binky enjoyed it!! The hubs and I worked our butts off while our sweet angel tried his hardest to get into the tree, but after an hour and a half we had it up and ready. =] After inspecting that he could pull the branches and shake it til something fell off was just amazing to him. It was a great moment. I swear this kid never finds anything he doesn't find amazing. He's just wonderful in that aspect, and probably entirely too inte…

Binky's Thanksgiving.

Boy was it interesting. It was Binky's first trip to the ER and the most horrible experience I've had as a mother. I hope to never have to repeat something like that ever again.

It all started Monday, as I posted in my previous post we had changed Binks formula. Well, by Wednesday it was so bad I couldn't take it any more. He hadn't ate a bottle in days and there was diarrhea and vomit everywhere. So at 11 with vomit all over me we took Binky to the ER. OH MY GOD! We waited forever, then finally getting back we had to wait another FOREVER. They took xrays of his tummy, and gave him some pedialite. Which he kept down finally! After the xrays the dr wanted some blood samples to run a few tests. I asked the nurses to heel prick him, boy he didn't like that. They weren't able to get hardly any blood from his heel. So then they tried to stick his arm. After twice this mom said no way. So they went to the heel again. I have never felt so horrible in my life, they tri…

The ailments of Binky.

Poor poor poor binky. I swear, this kid is sick. I will NEVER EVER EVER change his formula again. We went a cheaper route and got a big can of Parent's Choice (walmart brand) formula. We compared ingredients and vitamins and there was minimal difference. (To the naked eye) So we went ahead and got it. The first bottle was fine, and the second, and possibly even the third. But the next day Binky was not. He was in the bed with me and I woke up and just smiled at his precious sleeping face, only to be greeted with projectile vomit. He covered himself, me, and the bed in vomit, this poor kid had it coming out of his nose.

I freaked out and yelled for the hubs to help me, we got binks and myself cleaned up and continued on about our day. Through out the day Binky wouldn't eat, a bottle, table food, baby food, anything. I thought maybe his teeth were hurting him. So the next day the vomiting was worse, accompanied by diarrhea. He threw a fit for about 45 minutes because his tummy h…