Monday, March 19, 2012

Well, here's to another male.

Though it's been many months since I've updated this thing, it's never been far from my mind. Like many things my life has taken a turn in a direction I'm not too thrilled with, but the pregnancy is not included on this. While I was a struggling waitress before, I am now a struggling broke pregnant woman. Though I expect things will look up soon. If not someone please shoot me!

As the top of this entry indicates we found out on November 23rd that our little bundle of joy is in fact a boy. Though I had secret hopes of that prima ballerina, a rough little man will do too. He's already filled our hearts with so much joy and love, he doesn't even know how much we love him yet. Chandler, the name we picked out, will be so loved it will be ridiculous. He's our little miracle baby, and will forever remain so.

As our little life and love progress I'm sure I'll keep you updated. I need to blog more.