Monday, May 7, 2012

That first smile.

After nine miserable months my little Channy Fanny is here! Though his due date wasn't til the 11th of April, he came on April 4th.

It all started at 6 am on that wonderful day. I had chosen to be induced, I was miserable and ready to hold my little man. After finally being hooked up to the monitors and getting an IV at 8 o'clock the Dr. came to break my water. After several hours of potocin I finally began to feel contractions. Boy are they nothing to shrug off. I was terrified of an epidural and strongly considered not getting one. And today I'm sorry I didn't pass on it. After almost an hour of the nurse trying to get me to quit shaking and moving so she could get the catheter into my back Dale was able to come back into the room and I was feeling a nice high. Though it quickly wore off and I was administered another dose. After several hours it was finally beginning to look like I was going to have a baby. At about 10ish it was finally time to push. Boy was I a nervous wreck. But the fun didn't end there.

After 45 minutes of pushing, and my epidural wearing off, the Dr decided that my little man wasn't coming out the old fashioned way. His heart rate was too steady and I just simply couldn't push any longer. So two terrified parents were prepped and taken to the operating room. Where my nerves took over my entire body. Luckily the anesthesia numbed me from the neck down, the only shaking body parts I had were my arms and head! But I had a great partner, not only did he go into the operating room with me, he held my hand the entire time. And after about 20 minutes at a wonderful 11:47 pm my little amazing boy was born! Not only did he have strong lungs, he was completely healthy. Except a little jaundice.

After a brief cleaning they brought him to us, Dale got to hold him first, for which I am still totally jealous. But after a wonderful first kiss, and a first kiss as parents from my love, I was given some nerve medication. Due to the fact I still couldn't quit shaking. And then I was out like a light. After however many hours, I can't remember, I was finally taken to my room and brought my little precious boy. The feeling of holding that little baby was an experience I can't even put into words. Not only did I feel love like I'd never felt before, but a warming sensation of complete satisfaction filled my very soul. Not only had we worked so hard for this moment, but we thought it would never come.

After three days in the hospital we were released to come home! Not only did my boobie baby get to come home, we didn't have any problems getting him there. It's been a month since he graced us with his wonderful presence, and every minute of it has been a true wonderful experience. I wouldn't trade him for anything in the entire world. =]