Thursday, November 29, 2012

Binky's Thanksgiving.

Boy was it interesting. It was Binky's first trip to the ER and the most horrible experience I've had as a mother. I hope to never have to repeat something like that ever again.

It all started Monday, as I posted in my previous post we had changed Binks formula. Well, by Wednesday it was so bad I couldn't take it any more. He hadn't ate a bottle in days and there was diarrhea and vomit everywhere. So at 11 with vomit all over me we took Binky to the ER. OH MY GOD! We waited forever, then finally getting back we had to wait another FOREVER. They took xrays of his tummy, and gave him some pedialite. Which he kept down finally! After the xrays the dr wanted some blood samples to run a few tests. I asked the nurses to heel prick him, boy he didn't like that. They weren't able to get hardly any blood from his heel. So then they tried to stick his arm. After twice this mom said no way. So they went to the heel again. I have never felt so horrible in my life, they tried for 30 minutes to get enough blood, after my precious baby laid there on the hospital bed being held down screaming I couldn't take it anymore. I think I cried as much as he did. I would not allow them to try again. After consoling my poor angel the Dr came back and told us he thought it was a virus and pretty much sent us home telling us to go to the Children's hospital if it doesn't stop, because their hospital wasn't equipped to handle children, (eye rolling I know).

So after thanksgiving, which I cooked by myself and turned out amazing, Binky hadn't eating anything still, and after he threw up all over my face we were headed to the hospital again, this time the Pediatric Hospital. My poor baby, his diaper rash was awful from the diarrhea and he did not approve of another hospital visit. This time he was treated with much better care and in my opinion a much better dr. They kept him for a couple of hours to monitor him, after a couple pedialite bottles he was feeling a bit better. This was the day he finally quit throwing up!! After a week I was getting terrified. They gave him some kind of medicine for his tummy and a strictly pedialite diet and he finally started feeling better about sunday!

I hope you other mom's never have to go through that, it's miserable to watch your happy bouncy baby just lay around and not play and just puke everywhere. I don't think I can handle something like that again with him as an infant. Let's just hope that he stays well. Here's to Binky's health.

Poor sick Binky. =[

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The ailments of Binky.

Poor poor poor binky. I swear, this kid is sick. I will NEVER EVER EVER change his formula again. We went a cheaper route and got a big can of Parent's Choice (walmart brand) formula. We compared ingredients and vitamins and there was minimal difference. (To the naked eye) So we went ahead and got it. The first bottle was fine, and the second, and possibly even the third. But the next day Binky was not. He was in the bed with me and I woke up and just smiled at his precious sleeping face, only to be greeted with projectile vomit. He covered himself, me, and the bed in vomit, this poor kid had it coming out of his nose.

I freaked out and yelled for the hubs to help me, we got binks and myself cleaned up and continued on about our day. Through out the day Binky wouldn't eat, a bottle, table food, baby food, anything. I thought maybe his teeth were hurting him. So the next day the vomiting was worse, accompanied by diarrhea. He threw a fit for about 45 minutes because his tummy hurt. I can assume any ways. So I went out and bought him his regular formula. Today was no different with his vomit and diarrhea, I want to see if a day of his regular formula will fix him up. He's been taking a sippy of water, so he doesn't get dehydrated, so I'm hoping he'll be ok. If he's not tomorrow it's off to the ER we go.

I've never seen a child throw up like he has, our house is becoming covered in milk smelling vomit. My clothes are stained, and I'm a hot mess. I'm terrified for my poor binky and just plain scared something is wrong. The hubs keeps reassuring me that it's probably his milk, but tomorrow is the longest I'll be able to hold out. I'm scared for him. I want him better.

How would you guys handle this?

This is my sick face mom, Imma puke in a minute.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Politics and all that jazz.

I've never been one for politics. I have never voted, ( Don't judge, I wanted to this election, but because we moved I wasn't able to register in my new state in time) and I have never cared enough to write a blog about it. I've never seen people I know get so worked up about an election either, until this year.

People I've known for years who've never expressed an opinion on our politicians are literally going insane over this years election. I myself am thankful that our president was re-elected. As a working white woman and mother I'm so thankful that I'm not going to be forced out of the work place and into the kitchen. I'm thankful that a non taxpayer for almost 15 years wasn't put into office to allow other HUGE companies to not pay taxes, and most of all I'm thankful that he will not have the ability to send a lot of our jobs overseas. This guy may have been pro-coal in his campaign, but the guy has already aided in shutting down a few himself.

But anyway, I'm ready that this election is over and done with. I've had about enough of these little pictures on facebook, and all these hateful rants of people bashing the Obama supporters, I'm just ready to go back to a peaceful, hating on other people, feed. I never knew that people were so passionate about who the leader of our country was. It's funny how no one cared until this particular election.

I'm just ready for Christmas. Binky is going to have a very good xmas. Lots of presents, lots of Batman. All I have left to get the little fart is some clothes. He needs some terribly. He's growing entirely too fast. I see walking in his future. Really close..

BTW this is the last and first post you'll probably ever see about my politics views. Promise.

Geez mom, I'm trying to watch the backyardigans here.

Monday, November 12, 2012

The house of runny noses, coughs, and head aches.

Here in the house of Amburgey we are all sick. Head colds all around. And sadly it started with Binky. The poor little guy woke up grumpy, feverish and full of snot. He only seemed to feel at his worst on the first day. Then the hubs woke up with it. He felt bad his first day, and binky was feeling a lot better. Then yesterday over night I woke up with a stuffy nose, sore throat, and the worst headache!

Being sick as a mom I don't get to lay around and just be sick, nope there's still a 7 month old to entertain, change, and feed. Luckily he can feed himself, a bottle any ways. And as of today a few snacks!! So aside from all the sickness going around here Binky has discovered how to self feed! Not the best of course but he's learning, and quickly I might add.

He's also discovered that yelling MA MA MA MA MA MA at me will get me to pick him up, sooooo..when he's done playing with a certain toy he'll scream until I get him up. What happened to that sweet baby who never cried or screamed. It's like he's developed stronger and bigger lungs over night. Maybe it's because I'm sick, but I just don't know..I think he's learning that screaming will get him something..which isn't good. He's getting too smart for his own good. And I'm afraid I have a baby genius on my hands. 

yep, in 2.5 seconds I'm going to scream at you and throw this sippy cup at you.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The war on sleep contiues.

Oh my Binky. He's on a whole new level with his sleeping now. Not only does he get up more in the night, he refuses to nap during the day. Today we literally just let him wear himself out. We put the little guy in his jumperoo and let him jump it out. He finally fell asleep in the jumperoo.

I just don't know what to do with him. I've never dealt with a child who refuses a nap, my nephew used to put himself to sleep, and at bed time, it was just time to sleep. I'm not one of these strong mom's who can let their child cry it out. He cries we get him. And just let him wear himself out. We just do the best we can. We're the parents that let our kid sleep with us, don't let him 'cry it out', or only feed him baby food. This kid gets table food.

I don't know how much longer he can continue to fight it, forever? It feels that way right now. The worst part is that when he's fighting a nap, he's so grumpy. He doesn't want ANYTHING. To play, to be held, to be put down. He just wants to cry. My heart hurts for this little angel. But I don't know what else to do. Any of you mom's have any suggestions?

He just doesn't want to sleep anywhere else but right here.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Chandler's Halloween!

The time had come, batman costume in tow and plastic pumpkin ready. We headed to trick or treat with my niece and nephew.

Only to be invited by snow and a stupid town schedule for trick or treating. Which did not include the ACTUAL halloween, but the following saturday. I swear I don't think I've ever been that aggravated and disappointed. Not only did my kid miss the sweet holiday, my precious baby nephew who loves to trick or treat, and me, didn't get to do it. I was devastated. I was so looking forward to three of my favorite kids (the other three were in NC) being together for two of their FIRST halloweens. It just just un-american to not trick or treat on halloween.

So other than being seen by family in his cute outfit, no one got to. But I think Binks had a great time, not only did he get to see his Auntie Sam and cousins, he got to chill with his Nana. He doesn't get to see the hubs' mom that often and when he does I believe he truly enjoys himself. He get's all the attention.

I cannot wait til next year. Binks will be walking around and probably even able to say "Trick or Treat". If that dumb town cancels halloween, or postpones ( can you hear my sarcasm?), again I swear I'll boycott that place.

 hey, I thought this was Halloween, not Christmas!
 I hope this "candy" tastes as good as my fingers.
This is my smile, geez.