Thursday, November 29, 2012

Binky's Thanksgiving.

Boy was it interesting. It was Binky's first trip to the ER and the most horrible experience I've had as a mother. I hope to never have to repeat something like that ever again.

It all started Monday, as I posted in my previous post we had changed Binks formula. Well, by Wednesday it was so bad I couldn't take it any more. He hadn't ate a bottle in days and there was diarrhea and vomit everywhere. So at 11 with vomit all over me we took Binky to the ER. OH MY GOD! We waited forever, then finally getting back we had to wait another FOREVER. They took xrays of his tummy, and gave him some pedialite. Which he kept down finally! After the xrays the dr wanted some blood samples to run a few tests. I asked the nurses to heel prick him, boy he didn't like that. They weren't able to get hardly any blood from his heel. So then they tried to stick his arm. After twice this mom said no way. So they went to the heel again. I have never felt so horrible in my life, they tried for 30 minutes to get enough blood, after my precious baby laid there on the hospital bed being held down screaming I couldn't take it anymore. I think I cried as much as he did. I would not allow them to try again. After consoling my poor angel the Dr came back and told us he thought it was a virus and pretty much sent us home telling us to go to the Children's hospital if it doesn't stop, because their hospital wasn't equipped to handle children, (eye rolling I know).

So after thanksgiving, which I cooked by myself and turned out amazing, Binky hadn't eating anything still, and after he threw up all over my face we were headed to the hospital again, this time the Pediatric Hospital. My poor baby, his diaper rash was awful from the diarrhea and he did not approve of another hospital visit. This time he was treated with much better care and in my opinion a much better dr. They kept him for a couple of hours to monitor him, after a couple pedialite bottles he was feeling a bit better. This was the day he finally quit throwing up!! After a week I was getting terrified. They gave him some kind of medicine for his tummy and a strictly pedialite diet and he finally started feeling better about sunday!

I hope you other mom's never have to go through that, it's miserable to watch your happy bouncy baby just lay around and not play and just puke everywhere. I don't think I can handle something like that again with him as an infant. Let's just hope that he stays well. Here's to Binky's health.

Poor sick Binky. =[

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