Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The ailments of Binky.

Poor poor poor binky. I swear, this kid is sick. I will NEVER EVER EVER change his formula again. We went a cheaper route and got a big can of Parent's Choice (walmart brand) formula. We compared ingredients and vitamins and there was minimal difference. (To the naked eye) So we went ahead and got it. The first bottle was fine, and the second, and possibly even the third. But the next day Binky was not. He was in the bed with me and I woke up and just smiled at his precious sleeping face, only to be greeted with projectile vomit. He covered himself, me, and the bed in vomit, this poor kid had it coming out of his nose.

I freaked out and yelled for the hubs to help me, we got binks and myself cleaned up and continued on about our day. Through out the day Binky wouldn't eat, a bottle, table food, baby food, anything. I thought maybe his teeth were hurting him. So the next day the vomiting was worse, accompanied by diarrhea. He threw a fit for about 45 minutes because his tummy hurt. I can assume any ways. So I went out and bought him his regular formula. Today was no different with his vomit and diarrhea, I want to see if a day of his regular formula will fix him up. He's been taking a sippy of water, so he doesn't get dehydrated, so I'm hoping he'll be ok. If he's not tomorrow it's off to the ER we go.

I've never seen a child throw up like he has, our house is becoming covered in milk smelling vomit. My clothes are stained, and I'm a hot mess. I'm terrified for my poor binky and just plain scared something is wrong. The hubs keeps reassuring me that it's probably his milk, but tomorrow is the longest I'll be able to hold out. I'm scared for him. I want him better.

How would you guys handle this?

This is my sick face mom, Imma puke in a minute.

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