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The mobile Binky.

It's been an interesting couple weeks. Not only is Binky over his stomach flu he's CRAWLING! This kid is all over the place, and sitting in a jumperoo or exersaucer is a big no no! It's simply not cool or fun enough. This kid is totally fascinated by the fact that he can get where he wants with out any help of mommy and daddy. Oh my goodness, he's picked up this crawling thing so fast, he literally crawls so fast if you look away you're in trouble!

In other news in the "A" house we recently put up our Christmas tree and Binky enjoyed it!! The hubs and I worked our butts off while our sweet angel tried his hardest to get into the tree, but after an hour and a half we had it up and ready. =] After inspecting that he could pull the branches and shake it til something fell off was just amazing to him. It was a great moment. I swear this kid never finds anything he doesn't find amazing. He's just wonderful in that aspect, and probably entirely too intelligent for his age. And I'm sure by the time he's four he's going to get away with murder.

We got all of Binky's stuff for xmas home today. It was horribly hard to get his presents in the house and not give them to him. I know he's going to be a completely happy little guy! I can't wait to see him play with all of his toys. It's going to be magical. How were your kids first xmas extra special? We're trying to start some new traditions, shoot me some messages on how your family had it's first traditions started.

Happy Xmas from Baby Binky!!!!


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The ailments of Binky.

Poor poor poor binky. I swear, this kid is sick. I will NEVER EVER EVER change his formula again. We went a cheaper route and got a big can of Parent's Choice (walmart brand) formula. We compared ingredients and vitamins and there was minimal difference. (To the naked eye) So we went ahead and got it. The first bottle was fine, and the second, and possibly even the third. But the next day Binky was not. He was in the bed with me and I woke up and just smiled at his precious sleeping face, only to be greeted with projectile vomit. He covered himself, me, and the bed in vomit, this poor kid had it coming out of his nose.

I freaked out and yelled for the hubs to help me, we got binks and myself cleaned up and continued on about our day. Through out the day Binky wouldn't eat, a bottle, table food, baby food, anything. I thought maybe his teeth were hurting him. So the next day the vomiting was worse, accompanied by diarrhea. He threw a fit for about 45 minutes because his tummy h…


Until I became a mom I had no idea halloween was so expensive. Not only do you have to buy a costume, there's a bag or bucket to catch the treats in. I'm just lucky that I have a 6 month old instead of a 3-5 year old. Because then you'd have to buy a bigger, more expensive costume, and candy! Because if they don't get enough trick or treating you have to treat them yourself. I'm also lucky I don't have multiple kids, let me tell ya. I have a niece and nephew from my sister, and two nieces and a nephew from my sister in law. Me being the great auntie I strive to be decided to help my sister and purchase my nephew a costume as well. Jeezz let's just say that I give kudos to those two for having multiple children. And my in law has two big kids!

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Halloween is my favorite time of year. The weather is that perfect combination of cool and warm. The leaves are changing and everything just feels wonderful. This is Binky's first halloween/fall. So we decided to start a family tradition. We went to Fender's Farm. It was a corn maze and petting zoo, and for older kids it had a HUGE play area! It also offered several different family fun activities, but seeing how Binks is only 6 months old we only partook upon the stroller friendly maze and petting zoo. And of course the pumpkin patch!! Binky loved it. He loved the animals and the corn maze and the pumpkin patch. He especially loved the the little train ride that took us from the maze to the petting zoo and then to the pumpkin patch.

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