Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tribute to Sandy Hook Elementry School in Newtown CT.

I was at work, away from my own angel, when I heard the horrible shocking news. I was standing at the bar when our manager came up behind me and mentioned it on one of the screens. My heart sank immediately. I was devastated, hurt, and in complete shock. I couldn't take a moment to just to watch, I had to keep on with my work and continue on only catching bits and pieces as my day progressed. It wasn't until I got home that I was able to read about all the 26 precious lives that were taken that day.

My heart aches for these parents and families. I cannot imagine a single day without my own precious angel, but to have to live knowing that he will never be home again is terrifying. I actually dreamed later that weekend he was gone, only to wake up in sadness and panic. Luckily my nightmare was just that, a nightmare. For the parents of all these angels and families of the teachers who gave their lives for their students, this was no dream. This was reality. I'm not going to take an entire blog to rant on about gun control, or separation of church and state and what not. I'm going to take a few minutes to express the deep sorrow that I feel for these families and this community as a whole.

After hearing of this tragic news I could only hold my baby all that much more tighter and mourn for those who would be going to bed with out their heart that horrible night. These people need peace in their hears now more than ever. Though no one will ever understand or fully know why that monster did what he did, but I'm making it my mission to not remember his name or to let my child ever remember his name. He's not worthy of that. I want to remember these angels and the teachers/grown-ups who gave their life or lost it in this tragedy. I think they deserve the recognition and the air time and the proper mention in any and all blogs/newspaper/magazine. These are the people who deserve to be plastered all over the internet. And as a blogger I hope this is one blog that is read, I hope this is a blog that these parents might read and pass along. I hope they read it and know that I ache for them and they are always in my mind and prayers. Nothing else can be said to express my heartache for them. And I hope one day they find peace, and can remember the wonderful precious moments they had with their angel, as I cherish mine ever more now.

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