Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Binky's first Daycare experience.

Having an infant who can crawl, almost walk, and who has developed an attitude like no other is tiring. After I had Binky and was still breastfeeding I dropped weight like crazy. I even began an exercise regimen and calorie counting. I dropped weight pretty fast, but it wasn't long after that keeping up with the baby, returning to work and finally moving into our own first family apartment got the best of me.

Well thanks to a friend from work I've joined the gym at the YMCA that offers daycare while I work out. I'm totally stoked about it. It was great for my budget and awesome to finally be able to afford to introduce Binky to other children. 

Our first visit to the gym was heart breaking. I was a nervous wreck. My friend, who also has a son a few months older than Binky, and I made our way to the daycare. Where I was screaming and crying on the inside. I had carefully put Binky's name on all his belongings and had tried to mentally psych myself up for the drop off point. I just knew that my little angel wasn't going to handle it well, I knew that all the strangers and loud kids would terrify him and he would only want his mommy. Boy was I wrong. I was in the middle of giving love when he just jumps into the arm of the daycare lady. I continue to give instructions in case he decides he can't handle it and needs his mom. I sign him in and put down where I will be specifically because I just know that he's going to freak out when I walk out the door.

As I'm getting my work out on I can see Binky thru the big picture window, and I just watch him, knowing that at any moment he's going to make eye contact with me and lose it. When in reality I was close to losing it. He watched me, sweating my buns off and working up a great heart rate. He watched me and waved. And then he loved on the daycare lady. My own child, never having ever been to daycare was fine. He didn't need me.

So after working out for an hour, which kicked my ass. I finally made my way back, where he slowly came back to me. With promises of coming back he waved to the day care ladies and smiled saying his sweet 'bye bye'.

My kid, who knew. Other than my 9 month old growing up into a big kid, my work out is going great. I was stopped from going today because I fell UP my stair and totally hurt my knee. But I intend on getting back in there going strong tomorrow. Fingers crossed I can meet my goal and be a happier me. =]

yeah, sorry mom, just don't need ya right now..oh wait is that a matchbox car?!

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