Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The upcoming of the First birthday!

Binky is growing too fast. This little munchkin is already ten months old. He is crawling, walking while holding on to things, and eats all by his self. It's true that time fly when you have children.

Speaking of eating all by his self, Binky has discovered that he LOVES corn dogs. He will just about eat an entire corn dog. It's so cute, today I even gave him half of one not cut up. The cute little guy went to town on it. And carried it around for a while.

This April Binky turns one, ONE whole year! I don't know if I'll be able to function, but I'm trying my hardest to push through the emotions of it all. I'm planning a HUGE party for the little rascal. I'm definitely doing the batman theme, what else for the rotten kid?!

I'm still in search for a place, and a few ideas. Any one have any idea's? what did you guys do on your kids first birthday?

I'm thinking of making a pizza and shaping the crust like the bat symbol. Then doing his cake layered and shaped like a bat symbol. IDK if I can do it, but I'm going to try.

We've also decided to take Binky to Ripley's Aquarium as his birthday gift. I hope he enjoys it, The Hubs had a blast when he took our nephew so I'm hoping this small one year old will have fun. I know we will!

Geez, enough with the pictures, I just want to eat this corn dog.

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  1. He like's enchiladas also he kept squealing like he was saying more he loved them.